Football Clubs

There are thousands of different kinds of football clubs in the world, including major professional clubs, amateur clubs and clubs for children. Some of the clubs today are multinational enterprises, such as Manchester United or Real Madrid. Others are just groups of people getting together to play some football.

Clubs started forming organisations in the nineteenth century. Economic and social factors led to some clubs getting bigger, more popular and better funded than others. There is simply no way for a club with insufficient funding located in a rural area to compete against a well-funded club from a large metropolitan city. Clubs in large cities draw larger crowds, which means more profits from tickets, and attract larger sponsors, which means better funding for football players.

However, some of the biggest football clubs in the world today became popular because they were successful when football started to be televised in the 1950s and the 1960s. This was the time when the European Cup gained in popularity. Because of this, clubs such as AC Milan, Real Madrid, and Manchester United started to attract a lot of devoted fans and became legends in their countries.

Until 1990, smaller clubs were still able to win titles in various popular and famous football cups. For example, Burnley and Derby County were winners in England and Hellas Verona won a title in Italy. However, the balance of power in the game started to shift around that time and it became harder and harder for smaller clubs to win titles. For example, in England after 1991, only two teams that were not in the Big Four were able to win the FA Cup. The Big Four includes Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United. The clubs to win the cup were Portsmouth in 2008 and Everton in 1995.

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