Football Computer Games

Fans of football have many ways to enjoy their favourite sport. They can play it by joining an amateur football club. They can also watch games of professional football clubs, be it live, on TV or via the Internet. When watching the games, they can bet on them. Finally, they can play real football games and football-themed games such as online slots. Check our online casino slots and enjoy it just on

Just like there are thousands of all kinds of football clubs all over the world, there are all kinds of computer games. For example, the Championship Manager is a computer game made in Britain that runs on Windows PCs, Mac OS, X Box, and PlayStation. The game was created by two brothers, Paul and Oliver Collyer, back in 1992. The last release of the game was in 2016.

The original game had four English football divisions. In the game, each division has twenty teams. All domestic cups were also present. Any team outside of the major division had no player names. The players simply had numbers assigned to them. Fifa, also known as Fifa Football or Fifa Soccer, is yet another football game. It was created by Electronic Arts, which releases a new version of the game every year. The game first saw the market in 1993. Today, it is available on Windows, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox One, Android, Game Boy, Game Cube and many other platforms.

In 2011, the game was available in 18 languages and local variations existed for 51 countries. By 2010, the creators of the game sold over 100 million copies of it, which made Fifa the best-selling sports video game of all time. Fifa 12 generated over $180 million in revenue during the first week of its release and became the fastest-selling sports game in history.

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